Inside the Factory

Series 1

Inside the Factory

Inside the Factory takes viewers behind the scenes of the largest factories in Europe, revealing the crucial 24-hour period behind high-volume manufacturing and the mass production of Britain’s favourite foods – bread, chocolate and milk. 

Masterchef judge Gregg meets lively and entertaining characters who let him into the secrets of the production line and challenge him to do the jobs they do.

Outside the main factory, consumer presenter Cherry Healey investigates the world of science and innovation behind the product. Historian Ruth Goodman returns in each episode to give the viewers an insight into stories behind each product, revealing how it was invented, marketed and popularised.

Gregg and Cherry learn about the surprising innovations that create the perfect product every time, and realise that they will never look at their daily grocery shop in the same way.


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The Guardian



Series Producer

Chris Parkin

Executive Producer

Alice Harper
Sanjay Singhal