Inside the Factory

Series 4 (2018)

Inside the Factory


Gregg is in Derbyshire, at an enormous coffee factory where they produce 175 000 jars of instant coffee every day. Cherry goes cold turkey on caffeine, giving up her coffee habit for 5 days to understand the affects her body and brain. Ruth Goodman learns how coffee led to the founding of modern institutions including the Stock Exchange, auction houses and newspapers.

Toilet Roll

Gregg explores the Manchester factory that produces 700 000 toilet rolls a day. Cherry is at Britain’s oldest toilet factory, where they churn out 1000 loos a day. Ruth is finding out what we used to wipe with before the invention of toilet paper.


Gregg Wallace explores the Nottinghamshire factory that produces 250 000 jars of curry sauce each day. Cherry visits the chilli capital of India, where they sell 3500 tonnes of chilli each day. Ruth finds that our passion for curry is around 370 years older than the supposed invention of tikka masala. 


Gregg explores the North Yorkshire factory that produces 625 000 sausages a day. Cherry is at the University of Chester getting the scientific lowdown on getting the best from your banger.

Ruth investigates how a German bratwurst became top dog in America.

…Inside the Factory is an inspired series where the various ingredients are starting to come together in very effective and flavoursome ways. My compliments, so to speak, to the chef and the entire kitchen staff at Voltage TV




Series Director

Michael Rees

Series Editor

Amanda Lyon

Executive Producers

Jon Alwen
Jenny Midl
Sanjay Singhal