Obsessed with My Body


Obsessed with My Body

A look at the huge growth in male teenage vanity, with boys getting ripped at the gym or having their eyebrows waxed in pursuit of peer approval.

Something new is happening with British boys.  Incredibly they now spend 30% more time in the bathroom than teenage girls and take twice as many selfies.  Gyms are full of boys attempting to become ‘hench’ or ripped.   For the first time eyebrow waxing, blow dries and make-up are being embraced by young men.  

But exactly how far will they go to achieve perfection? And what happens when things are taken to extremes?   Steroid use is on the rise - an estimated one million Britons using them.  And the internet is playing a key part in this new behaviour. Men are seeking constant approval online, encouraging each other to look better, bigger and even browner in their pursuit of the perfect body.  


Channel 4

Producer Director

Lana Salah

Executive Producer

Danny Horan