Tutankhamun With Dan Snow


Tutankhamun With Dan Snow

This 3 part stripped special follows historian Dan Snow, archaeologist Raksha Dave and journalist John Sergeant as they tell the dramatic story of the life, death and discovery of Tutankhamun. 


With extraordinary access to sites across Egypt, they piece together the evidence to cast new light on the boy-king and his treasures.

Dan gets once-in-a-lifetime access to the curation labs at the not-yet-opened GEM centre in Cairo, where he comes face to face with Tutankhamun’s most iconic personal possessions, including his make up kit – or “guyliner” – and his chariots, beds and weaponry. Raksha is the first to film a new 3D scan of a tomb in the Valley of the Kings and John investigates the ‘fake news’ at the heart of the story of Tut’s curse.




'this is top-notch, light-touch popular history'

Gabriel Tate, The Sunday Telegraph


Channel 5

Executive Producer

Amanda Lyon

Series Producer and Director

Jamie Simpson


Michaela Moir